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About Us

Salvos Funerals has emerged as one of Australia’s “fastest growing startups” and contributes to the ongoing work of the Salvos in the community. As an ethical, not-for-profit organisation, Salvos Funerals continues this care provided to Australians during their time of need.

Genuine compassion

The Salvos are committed to providing care and comfort to those in grief. We are a community of people passionate about caring for others through times such as this.


Many people like the idea of supporting the work of the Salvos rather than shareholders. By choosing to be cared for by us, you will be supporting the broader work of the Salvos in the community.


We provide real value for quality service. Our prices are upfront and transparent with no hidden costs.

Welcoming of all cultures and beliefs

We welcome, and can assist with:

  • Specific cultural, religious or family requirements
  • Organising interpreters for people from non-English speaking backgrounds

Available any time 

We are always here to assist you. You can call us at any time. We’ll coordinate all the necessary requirements to bring your loved one into our care and support you in arranging a funeral. We are available to you 24 hours. Please call us. For Sydney, call (02) 9119 9010, Central Coast to Newcastle, (02) 4300 3023, Melbourne, (03) 9933 4680 or Mornington Peninsula, (03) 5910 4500.

Our team

We are a broad group of people with various levels of experience in the funeral sector, all wanting to serve families well. Learn more

It’s the ongoing support that sets us apart

Grief and practical concerns don’t stop when a funeral is over. Salvos Funerals will still be there to help you deal with the grief and loss. From pastoral support to aged care services, the Salvos can help you in many other practical ways.

Financial assistance

The Salvation Army offers a range of support to those facing financial difficulties or looking for advice on money matters.  

Access financial counselling

The Salvation Army Aged Care

The death of a loved one may mean that a spouse or partner now requires aged care. The Salvation Army Aged Care ensures residents and clients are healthy, comfortable and – above all – loved.  

The Salvation Army Aged Care provides:

  • Retirement living for active retirees
  • Community care to support people living at home
  • Residential aged care for people who need ongoing health and nursing assistance

Call 1300 111 227 or visit

Spiritual and social connection

Our faith convinces us that hope, purpose and fulfilment can be everyone’s story. Our local Salvation Army churches welcome everyone to join them for a range of spiritual and social activities. Learn more