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Funeral Services in Canberra and Queanbeyan

Looking for a funeral service in Canberra that is affordable, yet personalised and meaningful? With various options for funerals, cremations and memorial services on offer, the dedicated and experienced funeral directors and staff at Salvos Funerals can help you choose a service or arrangement that’s right, and ensure your loved ones receive the farewell they deserve.

With the flexibility of an online portal or calling us to arrange services that fit your circumstances best, Salvos Funerals is here to help you when you need it.

Funerals Canberra

Direct Cremation in Canberra and Queanbeyan

Salvos Funerals is here to support you. We offer a simple and affordable direct cremation in Canberra for $2,395A memorial service can also be held afterwards, without the need for a funeral. 

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  • Rev. M R Schiavone

    “All funeral services advertise that they are there to provide care and support but I found that this company genuinely reflected this in the provision of their service.”

Why the salvos

Why the Salvos?

Salvos Funerals is a trusted not-for-profit service owned and operated by The Salvation Army, who has been helping those most in need for over 150 yearsYour decision to use Salvos Funerals will support the Salvos’ valuable work in the community – making you part of a long-lasting legacy of care for others.  

Marc Allison, co-founder of Salvos Funerals, is experienced in delivering care and passionate about looking after families in the region. His previous experience includes director of Norwood Park and a local funeral business.   

How it works

You can organise everything you need online or by giving us a call on 02 5119 3677 

We can then bring your loved one into our care and arrange the services requested. The ashes are returned either to you or a crematorium in a standard urn. Alternatively, you can pick an urn of your choice from our catalogue.  

We can also provide free advice about organising a memorial service that can be arranged later. 

How it works

Canberra and Region Pricing

Salvos Funerals offers affordable options that suit your budget and needs, including: 

  • Direct cremations where nobody is in attendance.  
  • Memorial service after cremation (with the ashes present) 

Below is an estimate for your consideration. If you would like a tailored quote, please contact us to discuss this further.  


Price (incl. GST)

Professional fee $1,129
Certified death certificate $66
Direct cremation coffin $150
Doctors' cremation documents   $110
Direct cremation $515
Transfer into our care $425
Pre-paid administration fee  

Estimated Total


You can choose from either a standard urn or one from our catalogue.