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Not just Christian: why Salvos Funerals performs all funeral services

Friday 26th February 2021 at 2:43pm

Not just Christian: why Salvos Funerals performs all funeral services

Grief is a universal feeling. And while the grieving process differs between cultures and religions, it can’t be performed in isolation.

The process of planning a funeral for your loved one is important and a valuable opportunity to share stories, care for one another and involve different members of the family.

Understanding this, Salvos Funerals was established to provide compassionate care and comfort following the loss of a loved one, without discrimination.

Welcoming of all cultures and beliefs

A core value of Salvos Funerals is to ensure our services reflect the genuine compassion we offer to everyone. We welcome, and are able to assist with, specific cultural, religious or family requirements.

We can provide you with personnel who speak Spanish and French, or we can organise an interpreter. We cater to families from different cultural, religious and non-religious backgrounds, and can facilitate:

  • Non-religious funeral services
  • Christian, Orthodox, Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish and Muslim funeral services
  • Non-traditional funeral services

We are happy to arrange a service that best suits your needs – whether that is in a church, a park or at a local sports club.

“At Salvos Funerals, we’re committed to supporting those in grief, regardless of cultural or religious background,” says Malcolm Pittendrigh, National Director of Salvos Funerals.

“We are a community of people passionate about caring for others through times such as this. We want to help you choose the style of service that will best suit your needs, sentiments and beliefs, while also allowing you the time and space to reflect, grieve and find hope.”

Seeking to serve you

Salvos Funerals understand families are different and each service is as unique as the individual.

While we cannot take away your sadness, through experienced care, we can support you in your time of grief and help alleviate the stress of the funeral process.

Families who choose Salvos Funerals have absolute choice when it comes to funeral arrangements,” says Pittendrigh. “We are committed to assisting you with any decision you and your family make.

We are a compassionate team, experienced in guiding people through the funeral process. Our trained staff understand the ebb and flow of grief and recognise that a funeral can be a time for celebration as well as sadness.

We are here to help you thoughtfully plan, choose and manage what can be an otherwise overwhelming task.”

Reflecting your loved one’s life

Salvos Funerals offers a range of quality services that will lovingly capture and reflect the essence of your loved one’s life.

One of the most common choices is to hold a church service followed by a cremation without a ceremony. Another option is to have a burial or cremation with family and close friends, followed by a larger memorial or thanksgiving service led by a Christian minister, priest or pastor.

This type of service provides ample time to set up and prepare the church, if required,” says Pittendrigh. “Usually there is parking, audiovisual equipment available and time and space for catering. There’s often less time constraint on a ceremony held at a church than there is at a crematorium.”

Pittendrigh says many families choose to personalise a service, opting to hold it at a venue that was special to their loved one or that reflects their loved one’s life and passion.

“We’ve held funeral services at surf clubs, reception venues in a region special to the person, town halls and public spaces, including beaches and parks,” he says.

Often there are the same benefits as a traditional style service in terms of parking and audiovisual, but there is greater flexibility to be creative. Families can choose to have the burial or cremation after the service, or hold it privately beforehand. Again, the choice is yours and we can help facilitate your wishes.”

Minister, celebrant, faith leader or Salvation Army officer?

Pittendrigh says families have the same breadth of choice when it comes to who officiates the service.

Whether you want a minister, civil celebrant, faith leader or one of our Salvation Army officers, we can help connect you with the most appropriate person,” he says. “Alternatively, you may choose someone known to you, such as a family friend.

"A minister of religion is the usual choice if you would like a service in a place of worship. They will seek to communicate something of a higher power’s love, care and compassion in the face of death and point to hope beyond. An advantage of a minister of religion is the pastoral support opportunities following the funeral.”

For a non-religious service, Pittendrigh says Salvos Funerals can engage a civil celebrate or work with someone chosen by the family.

“Like ministers of religion, the celebrant leads the service and can present a eulogy,” he says. “Both have valuable ideas to share and discuss in the planning of a service.”

Beyond the funeral

Many people who have lost a loved one say the distraction of planning a funeral helps the grieving process. However, after the service, the reality of life without your loved one can often feel overwhelming.

As part of the Salvation Army network of services, Salvos Funerals is committed to providing care to people in need across Australia, beyond the funeral service.

"Our faith convinces us that hope, purpose and fulfilment can be everyone’s story,” says Pittendrigh.

“Grief and practical concerns don’t stop when a funeral is over. That’s why we will still be there to help you deal with your grief and loss. From pastoral support and financial assistance to aged care services for an elderly widow, the Salvos can help you in many other practical ways.”

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