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Due to the impacts of COVID-19, we are only offering direct cremations in Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula at this stage. However, we intend to provide more service options from autumn 2021.


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    Price (incl. GST)

    Our fees This covers the cost of operating Salvos Funerals and our contribution back to the work of The Salvation Army.  
    Professional fee   $931.00
    Disbursements Charged at cost or a reasonable estimate of cost  
    Transfer into our care   $295.00
    Certified death certificate   $43.50
    Direct cremation coffin   $170.50
    Doctors' cremation documents not normally applicable when the Coroner is involved $95.00
    Direct cremation   $835.00
    Storage fee   $25.00
    Special urn (optional from $85) -
    Pre-paid administration fee (if applicable - $242)